Italian Ice, interestingly, isn’t Italian. It’s an American invention that came out of New Jersey about 100 years ago. Italian Ice is based on an Italian creation called granita that’s made from sugar, water and various fruit flavors. The story goes that a Sicilian woman living in New Jersey longed for her childhood treat granita, so she created something similar, which took on the name Italian Ice. Probably the most important difference between Italian Ice and ice cream is that it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and fat-free. Due to the lack of any dairy products, our Italian ice has a light icy texture. It is an extremely refreshing treat and the perfect indulgence on a hot summer day. We offer several innovative lines of Italian ice including an ultra premium fresh fruit Italian ice.


The word “gelato” dates back to the 16th-century and translates to “ice cream.” Gelato is the ice cream of Italy. Traditional Italian gelato is noticeably denser than its American cousin, with less air incorporated during the churning process, lending to a rich, creamy taste that lingers after each bite. Gelato is also served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, yielding a rich and creamy texture with intense, mouthwatering flavor. Our gelato is created with an artisan’s approach. As you taste your first bite of our gelato, you will find that the powerful, yet delicate flavor is an experience far removed from your typical ice cream.


Sorbet is very similar to gelato, but it is made with real fruit and no dairy. Our sorbet is so smooth and velvety you’ll have a hard time believing it’s dairy free. Angelo’s makes European style sorbet noted for its distinct flavors and ultra smooth texture. Our sorbet is made from pureed fruit, sugar and filtered water. There are many sorbets on the market but the best ones, like ours, have a fruit content as high as 75%. Our sorbet also only has a 5% overrun and is served at a slightly warmer temperature, like gelato, which translates into a denser, more flavor-packed dessert than regular ice cream.


This delectable dessert features our premium gelato ice cream encased in delicious coatings including a hard chocolate shell, chopped nuts or even a cookie crumble. Our tartufos are always handmade, so we take great pride in using only the best ingredients available and cut no corners crafting these delicious frozen desserts. In addition to our line of signature tartufos, we can also create a custom tartufo for your restaurant's dessert menu or next big event with this decadent, easy to serve frozen ice cream confection. Our gelato tartufo was created especially for restaurants, hotels/resorts, caterers and event planners looking for a uniquely different and delicious dessert.

Longer shelf life
Portion control
Product consistency
Cost effective
Easy to store
No preparation needed – just open and plate
Ideal for weddings and large corporate events
Uniquely delicious option for caterers, hotel/resorts and event planners 


A decadent gelato ice cream cake featuring layers of chocolate, pistachio and cinnamon vanilla gelato infused with candied fruit and a housemade strawberry cream.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Gelato has less fat than traditional ice cream. Traditional ice cream usually has around 14-18% fat while gelato only has around 4-8%. Less fat, less calories.

2 - Gelato is slow churned while it is being made which means that less air is introduced into the mixture. This makes the gelato thicker and more concentrated than normal ice cream which gives you a richer, creamier and more intense flavor.

3 - Gelato is stored a few degrees warmer so that it keeps its soft, silky, creamy texture. It melts in your mouth faster so you taste its full flavor immediately.

4 - Many commercial ice cream manufacturers use artificial colors and flavors, whereas we only use the finest natural ingredients available.  

Gelatos are typically served at a higher temperature, 15°F, compared to approximately 5°F for American style ice cream. A great advantage of serving at a higher temperature is that it does not numb the palate allowing the taste sensors in the mouth to experience the intensity of the flavors. The warmer temperature means that gelato/sorbet is soft, silky, and more pleasing to your taste buds; your tongue is less numbed by the cold, so you can better appreciate the flavor. 

Air is the invisible ingredient in ice cream. One of the fundamental differences between gelato and ice cream is the amount of air each contains. Since air is free and ice cream is sold by volume rather than weight, most commercial ice creams tend to contain lots of air. Premium gelato contains considerably less air and the result is a denser, more luxurious and creamier dessert. The amount of air in ice cream is measured as the percentage by which the air increases the volume of the mixture. And this measurement is called the "overrun". For example, if one quart of ice cream mixture becomes 1.5 quarts of ice cream once the machine has finished churning, we say that the ice cream has an overrun of 50%. Because its volume has increased by 50%. Most commercial ice cream manufacturers produce ice cream that has between 50 and 100% overrun! We make our sorbet and gelato with only between 5 and15% overrun, which means very little air is introduced in the production process producing a dense, creamy and delicious product superior to regular ice cream in every way.

Sorbet and Italian ice are two water-based confections that are recognizable by their sweet, often fruity flavor. Many people confuse sorbet and Italian ice because of their similarities in flavor and composition. The primary difference between Italian ice and sorbet is in the texture -- Italian ice has a slight icy texture, while sorbet has a smoother mouth feel similar to gelato. Sorbets are always made with fresh fruit purees and never use artificial ingredients whereas some Italian ice flavors, like Blue Raspberry, is artificially colored. 

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